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    VEGAS - JUNE 2014 - SUMMER
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 Crashing Down like a House of Cards, OPEN
Ava Marie Tanner
 Posted: Jul 24 2014, 08:47 PM
N/A years old

There were few things in the world that Ava allowed herself to be completely enthralled with. All of which, she found she could do in her familiar form. Things like drinking a cup of warm milk while snuggling up beneath a cozy blanket could be done as both the Ava everyone knew and then her "other" self. But, there was nothing in current days that captured her very soul like running. Whether it be on all fours or only on two, Ava found herself often escaping into a world of fantasy in which she could run from her past. Far, far way.

So, this morning like every morning before, Ava prepared for her beloved escape. Today, she wanted to feel the wind lick at her face and drown out the sounds of the world around her with very loud, deafening music. Feline running in Vegas had was filled with perils, all which were better avoided in the early mornings or evening when drivers were blinded by the bright sunlight. On more than one occasion, Ava almost lost a ring on her long gray tail because of these drivers and their inabilities to navigate. She had quickly resolved that morning runs be done in human form to avoid further endangerment. And while she was not nearly as fast as her furry alter ego, she was still very fast for a human.

She had a knack for unity and matching her attire, most of the time including her under garments. Today, she wore a pair of hot pink running shorts, with a matching hot pink sports bra and a white razor back dry fit tank top. Her long blonde locks were pulled into a tight ponytail and trickled down the length of her back, falling just between her shoulder blades. Laced tightly to her feet was a pair of purple and hot pink running shoes. She stretched out her long, lean figure on the sidewalk by her condo just as the sun began to glisten over the horizon. Vegas was known for its night life but, for the locals, there were still jobs to do and things to accomplish. Tonight she would join the bright lights at her own nighttime hot spot, pouring drinks for the people looking to drown their sorrows or searching for a good time.

But for now, this moment was all about the run. Around her waist was a fanny pack of sorts, most closely resembling a belt. Inside of this rested a key, form of identification, emergency money and a slender iPod. Pulling from the pouch a set of specialized earbuds, Ava plugged in and tuned out the world around her. The first mile was a breeze. Some people were barely ending their night while others were groggily beginning their day. But all Ava could hear was the sound of classical music drowning out the hustle and bustle of Vegas. She had been lost in the sound of a beautiful crescendo and her own steady breathing when suddenly, her senses were electrified. But it was too late and Ava made solid contact with the body in front of her, causing herself and the unsuspecting stranger to tumble to the ground.
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