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    Welcome to Vodka and Voodoo, a roleplay made of magic and mystery. Set in the city of sin - Las Vegas. As five lives combine, a power is set to hit Vegas that the world hasn't seen since the 1600's. This takes a whole new meaning to what happens in Vegas. Secrets and lies combined with the things that go bump in the night are almost more of a gamble than you'll find in any of the casinos. Are you ready?

    VEGAS - JUNE 2014 - SUMMER
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    Vodka and Voodoo is an idea unique to this site and all credit goes to Kirky for the idea. Unless stated otherwise all posts and graphics belong to the owner of the account they're used on.

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SITE GRAND OPENING JULY 2014. Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't let the member count scare you we are all character a holics here. Join us it will be fun.

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 Blood In Paradise, An AU TVD Season 4 Roleplay Group
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 Posted: Nov 21 2015, 08:57 PM
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With the Mikaelson’s terrorizing Mystic Falls the residents will stop at nothing to try and find a way to free themselves from them. When word of a cure for vampirism reaches them, no matter the source, Damon and Stefan make a rather tense alliance with Klaus to try and find it, all of them wanting it for Elena though for different reasons. A vampire hunter by the name of Connor has come to town after speaking to Atticus Shane and is determined to take out as many vampires as he possibly can, meanwhile Shane has been working with Bonnie to regain her magic though has been secretly leading her down the path to Expression after having had visions from Silas who is still entombed and desiccated on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia. Little do they all know that it is all a ploy from Silas to be freed from his prison. When another doppelganger, the original doppelganger Tatia, and her children arrive in town after deciding it was time to go home they throw the Mikaelson’s off as they’d believed Tatia to be dead and Klaus had never been able to find his children after her death.

Tatia and Kassandra decide to return home after hearing that it is where the Mikaelson's are staying, seeking their protection after an amulet created by Esther infused with Tatia's human blood warns Tatia of a Necromancer seeking its power. For a thousand years she'd been wearing it around her neck and with it she is able to find any being possessing even the slightest amount of her blood. Given that the Original vampires were created using a spell containing her blood and all vampires are descended from the originals bloodlines she is able to find any of them should she choose. In the hands of one who could control the dead, however, they would be able to tap into its magic to locate and control all vampires. One warlock from the Grand Coven is seeking the amulet after entering the spirit realm with the help of another from the coven. They wish to gain control of the dead, of the vampires in order to have the ultimate power.
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