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    VEGAS - JUNE 2014 - SUMMER
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Adeen Brennan
 Posted: Jul 27 2014, 12:26 AM
30 years old
massage therapist
PLAYED BY Absinthe
Sexual Beasts

thirtysuccubusmassage therapiststraightsingleabsintheeasternchristina hendricks The notorious Adeen Brennen was born on a soggy day in March, in a small hospital on the outskirts of Savannah. Adeen's mother, Rose suffered a 14 hour labour, and for every painful moment of that, there was thunder and lighting in the sky. Perhaps, even on that very first day, the universe knew this child would be powerful... and stubborn. Rose had a very short but intensely happy relationship with Adeen's father. Even though they were quite different, they spent every moment together. After eight months, Aiden had to go away on a business trip. It was supposed to be a short trip – only a few weeks before he could come home again. However, the plane he was travelling on crashed, which messed up all of their plans. Rose found herself as a single mother, with her little fluke. And even though Aiden hadn't known about his daughter, Rose still wanted to honour him. Since she couldn't give her daughter his last name, as they were not married, she named her daughter in the female form of his name. And even though her daughter was the mirror of her mother on the outside, she inherited the personality of her father.Rose was a succubus, and since she knew Adeen's father was an incubus, she knew what her daughter would grow up to be before her daughter's powers even emerged. Rose knew how hard it was for every succubus, including herself, to control their powers. But, she was especially worried about how these powers would affect Adeen, who was naturally a passionate, stubborn, emotional, and volatile person. So, Rose began to teach her daughter about controlling her powers while she was still too young to even worry about it. She knew that Adeen would need all the head start that she could get – knowing it would be especially hard during her teenage years, as the hormones and lack of experience would magnify Adeen's already volatile nature. And it was her mother's knowledge and forethought that prevented Adeen from leaving a string of dead men in her wake when her succubus powers began. On an icy evening in December, Rose and her daughter were driving home from visiting friends. Their little red car hit a sheet of black ice while going around a corner, and they collided with the vehicle in the oncoming lane. Adeen was the only one to survive. And this day has haunted her every moment since then. She felt immensely lost, alone and despondent without her mother. It has been more than four years since she lost her mother. However, her grief is as raw and real as though it just happened. Her mother was everything to Adeen; a friend, hero and teacher. And since she never had any friends she really cared about, she has been wandering about alone since then. Adeen found herself seeking distraction in basically everything she did. She has lived the past four years in a haze of one night stands, whiskey and cigarettes. She recently turned thirty, and realized how much of her life she has wasted in pain. She loved her home in Savannah, and she was taught to be proud of it. But, she saw her mother everywhere and in everything in that town, making it hard for her to move on. So Adeen sold her mothers house and moved as far away as possible, attempting to rip it off quickly like a band-aid. She really needed to move on to bigger, brighter, and better things.
 Posted: Jul 27 2014, 03:11 PM
N/A years old

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