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    Welcome to Vodka and Voodoo, a roleplay made of magic and mystery. Set in the city of sin - Las Vegas. As five lives combine, a power is set to hit Vegas that the world hasn't seen since the 1600's. This takes a whole new meaning to what happens in Vegas. Secrets and lies combined with the things that go bump in the night are almost more of a gamble than you'll find in any of the casinos. Are you ready?

    VEGAS - JUNE 2014 - SUMMER
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SITE GRAND OPENING JULY 2014. Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't let the member count scare you we are all character a holics here. Join us it will be fun.

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 Species Guide
 Posted: May 31 2014, 04:03 PM
Twenty Three years old
East Midlands UK
HELLO! Your friendly admin Kirky here. It's totally a secret but I'm clearly the best of all the admins. ;] I would love to see everyone here at Vodka and Voodoo and look forward to roleplaying with all of you, to reading your applications, experiencing your plots and being a part of your time here. You can ask any questions and myself and my fellow members of staff will be more than willing to help you in any way we can!! Let the fun begin.
Opps I did it again, I made a new site!


Witches are the male AND female good wiccans. They use their magic mainly for the use of good and accept that magic has consequences. they rarely use magic for personal gain. warlocks on the other hand have no care for the consequences of their actions. They use magic to their advantage.

The main coven's history dates back three hundred years to salem. an elder of the coven had forsight into their future and knew if they stayed together they would never survive. in order to remain safe and undetected the coven scattered all around the world. it was only once the coven was split that the few remaining witches wrote down the new future they had created for themselves, that years later the decendants of five lines would come together at one place in one time and become one of the strongest forces of good ever known.

On the flip side, in the darkest depths of new orleans lived a coven of warlocks, all born of new magic and after hunters discovered their involvement in the creation of Hurricane Katrina. hunted mercilessly the coven upped sticks and moved to the city of sin.


Joe Regular Humans!! Mortals have no powers or supernatural element to their lives. They don't necessarily need to be naive to the world around them, however it's preferable for all sides involved that people don't find out about their world unless they have to. Remember mortals are as important as everything else on the site! We need doctors and politicians and werewolves need someone to eat.


These creatures are slaves to the moon. Werewolves for the most part on V&V are humanoid wolves (meaning the grow fangs, claws, glowing, eyes, ears.) have the ability shift at will and the ability to control themselves during the shift except for during a full moon.

The light of a full moon turns them savage and they lose their control of themselves and their humanity it is very rare that one has control on a full moon they also cannot stop themselves from shifting during that time. All werewolves feel that pull of the moon as the full moon grows closer calling to them.

Most werewolves will get themselves locked down before the moons peak so they do not kill some innocent person. Younger wolves or wolves newly turned find it harder to control their powers especially newly turned ones. A fairing temper could cause ones to shift. They have to be very very careful.

The older more wiser werewolves can shift into a full form wolf and only when they reach to be about a 150 years old, but sometimes when you are born into a linage of one of the first 9 families of werewolves you could have the gift, but it is very rare which is sometimes why these wolves can be mistaken for shape shifter.

Shapeshifters are like werewolves they can shift into humanoid beings with claws, eyes, and fur, but can also shift into their creature counterpart and share the abilities and traits of their creature.


Born with nine lives, a familiar has the ability to shape shift into the form of a cat. Each familiar is born with the purpose of protecting another. It's never known when you will come across your charge, just that once the time comes you will know. Once you've found your charge it is then your responsibility to protect them until they come into their full power , at which point you're given the chance to relinquish your duty and give up your immortality, which for most is a blessing, or continue until your nine lives are used of your own accord. They all adorn a mark that shows their lives, starting at nine with their marks disappearing as a life is lost. These marks vary for each familiar.


We have two types of hunters here on site, we have witch hunters and creature hunters. Creature hunters can specialize, i.e. hunters that only hunt werewolves or they can hunt across the demonic spectrum. We ask simply that there is a reason that your character would hunt. 'Werewolves ate my baby' is as valid as simply 'it's the family business' but knowledge of the supernatural is uncommon and you wouldn't just wake up and decide to hunt them.


Sexual beasts have the power over the will of others in different ways. Succubi and incubus are enhanced in beauty, in dexterity and in strength. They have the ability to enslave men and women alike as well as bring death when they wish it to. They can walk through dreams and enforce sleep upon their victims and of course they have an unnatural allure. Vetala on the other hand are more naturally plain. They wear fangs not unlike a vampire and are spirits of the dead whose offspring did not perform funerary rites in their memory. As a result they are trapped in the twilight zone between life and after-life. They use a venom to paralyze their victims and take joy in causing madness and miscarriage. Killing kids is a huge part of their mission, in fact it's their raison d'etre.

The Fates

The fates are possibly the most powerful of all creatures, but the most bound by rules. They are responsible retrospectively of overseeing the course of death and destiny. They both follow lists and guidelines and are unable to change history just like they aren't able to make the decisions to change the world, simply guide others towards them.

Please use the correct form to apply for a canon to reserved or added them to the taken list once your application has been fully accepted [this means you have filled in all the claims and had your member group turned over by a member of staff]. All questions may be asked by PMing any member of the staff and the same goes for adding a canon to the list. A name, reason for adding to the canons and a description should be sent and will then be discussed by the staff for approval. Canon claims may be taken for an OC with permission from the staff.

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